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Peter Hofmann
Dentistry Xposed:
Ground-breaking exposes scams, myths, falsehoods, and misleading information. It exposes big Pharma and a big cause of Covid-19 and reveals a product that can remove tooth decay without a needle or drill. an emergency kit that can numb pain without pills, and a natural substance that can stop tooth decay, relieve sinus pain, and prevent colon cancer. The book expains that 5 of the major causes of death are related to the mouth.
“A dentist should be a perfectionist who is willing to focus on a patient’s unique needs” Hofmann writes in this passionate debut. Noting his over 40 years of professional experience, he outlines cost effective methods to protect teeth, emphasizing the direct link between our mouth and general wellness, and asserts that many common dental practices may do more harm than good. Hofmann’s claims are bold—often contending that money drives the dentistry field—but he balances those claims with heartfelt advice and an obvious respect for his profession.

Readers will find much to digest here, and Hofmann’s quirky style is a perfect fit for creative thinkers. He offers several tips (or “Truth-Bites”) for reader consumption, such as the benefits of drinking with a straw, why soft toothbrushes are the ultimate at-home dental accessory, and more—including what he considers to be the groundbreaking treatments of xylitol and silver diamine fluoride. In fact, Hofmann’s admiration for xylitol factors prominently throughout, as he proclaims its numerous benefits: it neutralizes cavity-forming bacteria, stimulates saliva production, and may help prevent colon cancer. In Hofmann’s own words, “Xylitol is the best answer to counter worsening health conditions of people around the world.”

Hofmann’s scope is expansive—he dives into the cost of startup dental offices, touches on how dentistry has evolved over the years, and even debunks common dental myths (despite what you’ve heard, losing adult teeth is not normal and root canals will not poison you). Some digressions may overwhelm, but they illustrate his passion for the field, and readers interested in alternative treatments will appreciate his unconventional advice, like avoiding those deep cleaning recommendations from your dentist and opting to keep metal fillings that are still in good condition. Supplemental information includes a glossary of medical terms and detailed illustrations of dental hygiene practices.

Takeaway: An unconventional dentistry guide with thought-provoking advice.

Great for fans of: Angie Stone’s Dying From Dirty Teeth; Mary Otto’s Teeth.

Production grades
Cover: C
Design and typography: B-
Illustrations: NA
Editing: C
Marketing copy: B