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Destination Paranormal: Haunted Travels
Just because you don’t believe in something, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t believe in you. Things do go bump in the night. Sometimes it even happens during the day. I’ve heard it. And, on occasion, I’ve even seen what makes it happen. Destination Paranormal: Haunted Travels details my trips to find what’s on the other side. For more than two years, I set off on a journey to get answers. My second book documents everything that happened – the times I was stabbed, grabbed, and talked with what’s on the other side, as well as when I saw it walking right in front of me – as I traveled across the United States and to London, England. Did these experiences turn me from a skeptic to a believer? Find out for yourself by participating in your own adventures. Destination Paranormal: Haunted Travels details not only my encounters, but also explains how you can go on the same investigations and tours. After all, who are you going to believe – me or what you experience for yourself?