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Alisa Burris
Alisa Burris, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

After a sudden fire occurs in their townhome community, neighbors Wanda Lindstrom, Charlotte Murray, and Marcy Seele endure immediate turmoil. The trauma only worsens when a brutal murder is discovered within the ashes. As details of the homicide unfold, white nationalism and troubled connections to this controversial victim intertwine, heightening the women's complicated responses. Wanda's hidden Jewish identity and Marcy's secret decision to convert to Judaism cause continual terror to build as they confront their own underlying fears. Meanwhile, Charlotte's assumed ties to neo-Nazism and well-documented criminal background make her a prime suspect, an automatic label she's powerless to overcome. Told from the women's vastly different viewpoints, Detached explores the emotional fusion of their guilt, apprehension, and anger. While they each lead very separate lives, Wanda, Charlotte, and Marcy find themselves attached to each other in complex ways over the course of an unpredictable murder investigation.