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D.S. Quinton
Devel Django: A fast-paced technothriller: Evolution Series Book 1
D.S. Quinton, author
An ancient virus. A horrifying infection. Enlightenment... or madness? A rogue meteor storm brings a forgotten virus that decades ago left several people dying with "itchy voices in their heads." MIT colleagues, Brad and Cora, are caught in the storm. One of them becomes infected. Tracking the storm is General Keller. A reclusive man, warped from anguish over his own son's horrific fate, he will stop at nothing to discover the secret of the virus. As a breakthrough A.I. analyzes the infection a startling discovery is made, proof of our origins—and evolution—lie within the infected. As the general deploys all his resources to recover a sample—of storm debris, or anyone infected—Brad and Cora are thrust into his disturbed world and a deadly chase ensues. Will the discovery be lost? Will the infected survive? ...or, will they even want to? DEVEL DJANGO, a near-future techno-thriller, whispers at the fundamental question of humankind—where did we come from?—and gropes at the undefined space between science and religion. It is a unique adventure combining heart-pounding action, real-world technology and a mind-bending theory that may very soon be proven true.