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Lauren Smith
Devil of the High Seas
Lauren Smith, author
She becomes a wicked pirate lord’s stolen treasure… On the eve of her wedding, Josephine Greyville is kidnapped by a true devil of the high seas - a pirate! Gavin Castleton isn’t just any pirate. He’s the twin brother of the man she's supposed to marry. Tempted by Gavin’s kisses and the first taste of freedom she’s ever had in her life, Josephine discovers she could lose all that she’s come to hold dear. She must choose between her family and a storm of passion filling her heart. He's a pirate out for revenge and can’t resist the lure of fiery hearted woman… Gavin Castleton nearly dies after losing his ship to a mutiny and is forced to return to his beloved family estate in Cornwall to heal and make a plan for revenge. Stumbling through a secret entrance, of his home where he hopes to find his twin brother, he collapses at the beside of the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. After she tends to his wounds, he learns she’s to marry his brother. Unable to repay her kindness with anything other than desire, he kidnaps her to keep her from marrying his brother. Wicked through and through, Gavin can't resist taking the treasure of Josephine’s heart, even if it means losing all he holds dear.