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  • 03/2018
  • 263 pages
  • $.99
Devil Side
Lacey Dailey, author
Unable to continue living on the path her father created for her, Gigi Moretti does something she’s never done before. She takes a risk. When musician Maxwell Mitchell waltzes into an old diner in the early morning up to his elbows in secrets, he offers Gigi the perfect escape from the future she’s never wanted. It takes an over the top demand from her father and a shocking revelation from her fake fiancé to get her to pack her bags and ride shotgun on Max’s spontaneous tour across the country. As she and Max grow closer, Gigi learns what it’s like to throw out her overbearing workload and be an actual 21-year-old. She quits her job, eats too many Cheetos, tosses out her pink wardrobe, and takes a job as Max’s manager. She’s finally free, living her life free of her dad’s grip and falling in deep with the musician whose songs hold stories no one will ever uncover and whose past includes a secret hero named Aiden he credits for his survival. The more time they spend together, the deeper they fall and the closer she gets to the truth. Despite the unknown, she’s happy. She has a job she enjoys, she’s making plans for a future she’s actually excited about, and she’s living with a boyfriend who adores her. Everything is perfect. And then she meets Aiden. And it all changes.

The fourth book of the Extraordinary You series does not dissapoint. Has a certain charm to it the Dailey knows how to weave into every book she writes. Max and Gigi make for an awesome pair and character development is always such a strong suit in the Extraordinary series. Highly recommend Devil Side to any reader of any genre.


Absolutely love this book! I have read the entire series so far and I believe that this book is a fantastic edition to it. I would highly recommend this book to anyone I meet!

Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews

Devil Side is one of those rare books that affect me so deeply that I have to stop and reflect before writing a review. It is in my top 10 reads of 2018!

Gigi Moretti appears to be a young woman who has her life together and knows exactly what she wants to do. However, no one sees the invisible chains that are holding her captive. Her father has control of the keys that will break them and set her free, but he won’t. He has controlled every aspect of her life…her education, her job, and now he has chosen a husband for her. She’s trapped and doesn’t know how to escape. When musician, Maxwell Mitchell, unknowingly gives her a chance at freedom, she takes it, spending the summer traveling with him.

Maxwell also has chains that bind him, his past. He has never allowed anyone to truly see who he is down deep in his soul. Gigi might just be that person to free him. As the two embark on a road trip together, they have no clue what lies ahead of them.

When you’re going to be given your relief for enduring a mountain of struggles, no one knows if the simple swing of a door could change everything, and I think that’s what makes us appreciate it when it happens.

Gigi is so strong, but she doesn’t realize it. At first glance, she might appear weak because she has allowed her father to dictate the path of her life. But, when I got to know her more deeply like Max, I discovered how strong she was. She carries everyone else’s burdens, always forgetting about herself. Max helps her find that strength and helps her learn to stand on her own two feet.

I am not exaggerating when I say that Max is the MOST COMPLEX character I have ever come across. He completely blew my mind. He, like Gigi, is a strong individual. Knowing what he endured and surviving it broke my heart in two. I was amazed that he wasn’t shattered into even more pieces. Gigi proved to him that someone could love and accept him.

It is because of their brokenness that their love is so special. It is strong, pure, and full of hope. Never has a couple deserved to have their own HEA.

When I read the synopsis of the book, I had no idea the direction Lacey Dailey was going to take me in. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all! It is by no means your typical romance; it’s so much more!​


What I can mention is that Gigi has a story many young people with strict parents can relate to. She is trying her best, maybe even too much, to please her parents. As a reader you want her to break out of the golden cage, which is when Max appears. He´s cheeky, funny and confident; the good kind of a bad boy. They both meet in a restaurant & talk to each other since they have mutual friends. The conversation ends with Max offering Gigi to come with him and leave the expectations behind. He offers her the key to unlock the golden cage.

It takes her a little time and overbearing parents who want to force a life-changing decision on to her until she realizes that she has enough of the said cage. Gigi who once was so eager to please her parents sits in a car with a stranger who slowly turns her into the person she´s supposed to be: herself. By doing so, the reader realizes that throughout the story, it´s not just about her thriving into a confident woman, but also about Max who´s struggling with his devil side.

Here´s the only spoiler I will give away: Devil side is lovely! The only devious thing about it is Gia´s father.

Here´s to a story filled with funny moments, bittersweet honesty & most importantly a swoonworthy bad boy who´s not as broken as he thinks


Gigi Moretti , whose life is perfectly directed by her father couldn’t take the pressure anymore when she’s forced to get engaged with Benny. So she leaves the perfect life behind & goes with Maxwell Mitchell, a family friend, on his musical tour across the country.
Max has a past which he has kept as a secret his whole life. Except his mothers no one knows about Aiden.
Gigi really enjoys staying with Max on his journey and has taken the role of Manager  for Max, books all the events for him & also maintains his twitter account. The more time they spend together, the deeper they fall and the closer she gets to the truth. Everything is perfect. And then she meets Aiden!! And it all changes.

Gigi is a sweet & caring girl and talented. Both Max & Aiden are equally good even though we get to know about Aiden towards the end of the story. Renzo, Gigi’s brother is also a cinnamon roll.

I really enjoyed reading this book. This book has everything from emerging talent, Destination search, love and beautiful relationships. Go for it!!


Top Read of 2018!

Wow! This book was amazing!

I went into this book honestly not knowing what to expect. The blurb intrigued me and I had several thoughts on who Aiden was, but I can honestly say I was not expecting Aiden to be who he was. Dailey reveals the secret of Aiden early on. I loved that. As a reader, I felt omniscient and a little bit powerful. Despite knowing about Aiden, most of the characters did not. It was pretty fantastic.

Gigi has lived under her father’s oppressive thumb her entire life. She wants out and she wants to make her own choices. Max is a carefree musician with a sexy smile and an unmatched zest for life. When Gigi accepts an invitation to join Max on a summer-long road trip, they grow closer and slowly fall for one another. But Max is hiding something big that could threaten their happiness.

I am enamored with this book and the characters. The first few chapters, I wasn’t too sure, but it grew on me quickly and became a page turner I had trouble putting down. The author takes great care with her characters, developing them in measured increments just big enough to keep us hooked. I wanted to jump ahead, but I just couldn’t. I had a searing need to experience it all.

The book builds nicely, developing the characters of Max and Gigi and their relationship at the perfect pace. It all leads to a big climax at approximately 75%. Many books I've read reach this point and then rush to the finish line. There was no rush here, but it wasn't a leisurely stroll either. The final fourth of the book was yet another example of Lacey Dailey's writing. We are treated to resolutions and discoveries. Loose ends are tied up. Relationships change. It was a perfectly satisfying and sweet HEA with a really a nice epilogue that just made me so happy!

I am so thrilled to have discovered this new to me author and to have read this amazing book!

Ebook Details
  • 03/2018
  • 263 pages
  • $.99