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daniel hou
DANIEL HOU, author
n the annals of an inconceivably distant age, humanity is scattered amongst the stars, branching off into new, distinctive forms of society. Centuries have passed since Earth was reduced to nothing more than a sheen of crumbling dust, its remnants slowly drifting apart through the dead expanses of space. First to rise from the ash anew is the civilization of Stolis, boasting the power of an artificial star that defies the very principles of mankind's existence. It radiates immense energy but requires even more in the form of Sol, an ethereal substance scattered across reality in sparse deposits. And so, vying for the survival of their people, the endless ranks of the dawning Regime fly their war banners high, seeking to sate their star's hunger. Dezun, a distant speck from the steel spires of Stolis, is merely one of many planets capable of sustaining life, and merely one of those that the Regime sinks their teeth into in search of Sol. There are attempts at diplomacy and negotiation, but they are overturned by sudden rebellious insurgency, a united effort to repel the invaders that spreads like wildfire. Wildfire is vindictive, just as it is indiscriminate—it cares not for what burns to ash.