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Diary Of A Life For Rent
F M Digby, author
A Mysterious Man, A Forbidden Love, A Deadly Trap “An absolutely gripping romantic thriller!” Until she found him tangled around another woman, Katie had been sure her boyfriend was preparing to propose. The discovery of his betrayal called for a fresh start. For Katie, that meant moving to London to blog about her life of casual dating, partying, and fun. But three years later, Katie's fresh start had grown stale. Unemployed, single, and struggling, she makes a New Year's resolution to get more serious about life. Vincent seems like just the kind of guy a girl could get serious with. She thinks he could be Mr. Right until his ex-girlfriend shows up with a secret that would make any girl think twice. So, when Katie meets a sexy and commanding David, she is hooked because he only has eyes for her... or so she thought. David offers a forbidden world of dark and sultry romance with sex and pleasure like Katie has never experienced, but is he too mysterious? While torn between two men and making choices she is second-guessing, Katie shouldn't be surprised when she starts receiving threatening letters. She wanted to get serious with life, but this was too serious. When Katie finds herself locked in the back of a limo filling with smoke, she wonders if she chose the right man... and if she will live to find out.