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Diet Slave No More!

Adult; Health, Diet & Parenting; (Market)

Are you a slave of diets that don’t work? This is not you next diet book! In fact, this book defies all the existing diets. The reader is introduced to amazing tools within us. As if by the power of magic, these tools turn complex things into simple and make the impossible possible. You are invited to have fun on this journey, surrounded by the cartoon characters. This book’s approach to weight loss is about you—a holistic plan that focuses on you as an individual. As you explore the question “What am I?” - you will be empowered to make amazing strides in improving your overall wellness and losing weight. Combining the best of Western and Eastern medicine, Svetlana Kogan, MD, guides you on a journey that will align your mind and body. The path to a healthier you doesn’t have to be miserable. Diet Slave No More! makes it enjoyable and entertaining. No restrictions. No pills. Just—finally—weight loss that can last! To make this journey even more fun and fruitful, the author recommends a follow-through virtual companion phone app called “Diet Slave No More!” separately available on iPhone and Android platforms.

Diane Donovan - senior reviewer for The Midwest Book Review

Diet Slave No More!: A Fun Literary Journey into Your Self is an unexpected journey in that it's not another book on "how to diet". Instead, its holistic approach combines the medical traditions of East and West as it considers the fact that typical dieting strategies just don't work, and it reviews a new idea that offers better balance and insights.

Where most diet books advocate a singular program that can be followed by all, Diet Slave No More maintains that in order to achieve lasting results, diet efforts must be customized and tailored to and by the individual dieter.

This is further emphasized by the fact that ninety-seven percent of those who lost weight gained all of it back within a few years, neatly demonstrating that artificial weight loss efforts not backed by deeply life-changing strategies are likely only temporary achievements.

One of the purposes of Diet Slave No More is to provide medical insights into weight gain and loss and what occurs on a metabolic and physical level when one's diet changes.  Discussions move to a cellular level as they probe how food is digested and absorbed into the system.

A touch of metaphysical insight adds to Dr. Kogan's approach, as well: "By coming to understand that your Cells are highly intelligent by design, you are not committing to any religion or a cult. You are simply coming to terms with why you were born perfect and why you are such a mess today. And what’s more: you are learning to tap into your birthright—your cellular integrity, to recreate your perfection."

Specifics of emotional ties to food are revealed ("Just like a positive emotion, like hearing your beloved calling you with a cup of coffee, can strengthen your positive perception of an object, in this case coffee, the negative emotion will cause predictable results. Even if only one of the five senses is suddenly conveying an unpleasant emotion, the overall perception of an object will be affected dramatically. A cup of coffee offered by someone you resent will make this beverage tough to swallow. So, emotions are always there, accompanying our five senses, feeding into them, and getting nourished by them."), backed by the latest research, the author's case history examples, and discussions of how perception and taste play a part in food choices.

Part of the book promotes an accompanying app of the same name - Diet Slave No More! - as part of a plan to link outside world experiences with reinforcements for habit change, which can be as basic as eating healthy at home before an event or outing to adopting a slower pace of life and an organic, non-GMO-based diet.

The result advocates not one approach, but a series of psychological, physical, and spiritual insights into the mechanics of eating, diets, and decision-making and choices that will help readers realize and define a better path for overall health. Serial dieters will be surprised and delighted with a book that doesn't advocate yet another regimen, and which blends science with anecdotes and examples from real-life situations.

Jack Magnus of Readers' Favorite

Diet Slave No More!: A Fun Literary Journey Into Your Self is a non-fiction, self-help, health and fitness work written by Svetlana Kogan, M.D. The author is a holistic and integrative medicine practitioner in New York City. While acknowledging the fact that many Americans are obese, the author points out that most Americans are highly concerned and motivated about losing weight as evidenced by their penchants for diet food, diet fad books, and gym club memberships. As part of the problem, Kogan points to the cultural norms, advertising promotions and expectations that young children are subjected to during their development when they are most easily influenced. Often, when they are first introduced to food choices that are not so good, they may connect that food choice with good or pleasurable feelings, which can counteract all the healthy nutritional education their parents have been careful to provide. Kogan offers an alternative strategy for regaining the slender and healthy state so many are desperately trying to diet their way to, and she explains why all those herculean efforts are usually doomed to failure. She does so by providing the reader with knowledge, starting with an understanding of how your cells receive and process nutrition and energy and ending with a surprising look at the human stomach, its size and capacity, and she explains how to reset your body to its original functioning.

Svetlana Kogan, M.D.'s non-fiction health and fitness book, Diet Slave No More!: A Fun Literary Journey Into Your Self, is a humorous, enlightening and well-written book that offers an alternative to traditional, and for most readers, onerous and wildly unsuccessful diets. I found her discussions about the body and how it processes food to be a welcome change from the standard diet book with its charts of good and bad foods and rigidly scripted regimens. Her insights on the interactions of the different parts of the brain are fascinating and written in language that is easily accessible by its intended lay audience. Kogan's writing is informative, and her book reads like a story, which in a big way it is. Her ideas for nutritional balance and healthy food choices seem eminently doable. Add to that an easy guideline for apportioning one's food and her custom designed optional iOS app, and the motivated reader might just have found the way to finally shed those pounds for good. Diet Slave No More!: A Fun Literary Journey Into Your Self is highly recommended.

Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

Diet Slave No More!: A Fun Literary Journey Into Your Self by Svetlana Kogan, M.D. is one of the best things I have read in a very long time about dieting and weight control. One doesn't feel like one is reading a very brilliantly formulated sales pitch from a writer who barely knows what they are talking about. With the infinite list of weight loss books on the market, it's really hard, even impossible, to find what works. But this is most certainly a book that will help millions of people who are battling weight issues. The author doesn't offer the magic ingredient that readers often look for, or the get-slim-overnight formulas that are very tempting. Instead, the author offers a very holistic approach to creating lasting health, and helps readers discover that they have the key to a life of physical wealth and happiness. 

Readers who are looking for weight loss solutions that can last will find answers in Diet Slave No More!, a book that combines Western and Eastern approaches to health and happiness to create a path that will allow readers to journey towards personal health, weight loss, and happiness without experiencing the stress and frustrations that come with pills and dieting. The author's experience as a medical practitioner and an expert in the field gives this book a lot of credibility. Svetlana Kogan, M.D writes with uncommon clarity and uses humor and a narrative style to deliver the message in a way that is both informative and entertaining. You'll find your own path to wellness and weight loss in these pages.

Ruffina Oserio of Readers' Favorite

In Diet Slave No More!: A Fun Literary Journey Into Your Self, Svetlana Kogan, M.D. offers readers a brand new approach to healthy living and to handling weight issues. Is there a formula for weight loss and health that works for everyone? This is the question that many diet books do not answer, but one which finds a central place in this book. The author doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all path towards weight loss, but instead guides readers to identifying their innate tools and how to use them to achieve the results they want. This book will enable readers to understand who they are and to create their own path towards their ideal weight. The title may make readers think that this book is centered on dieting, but it debunks the myths about dieting and points readers to the spiritual path that can lead them to their weight loss goals.

Svetlana Kogan, M.D. comes across as an expert in health and fitness, but there is a spiritual aspect that gives life to the entire message of this easy-to-read and eye-opening book. Diet Slave No More! is well-written in a style that is accessible and will be enjoyed by a wide audience. The author uses a combination of personal, interesting, and entertaining stories with scientific knowledge to deliver a message that readers seeking answers to weight issues will find timely and very appropriate. This is one of the books in the area of dieting and weight loss that will appeal to a wider audience because of its non-pretentiousness in providing a magic weight loss formula, and also because it encourages readers to find their own path. I won’t hesitate to recommend this book to anyone seeking to improve their health by taking control of their weight. Insightful, inspiring, and informative.