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R. Glenn Kelly
Digest of the Broken Road Traveler
Regardless your trials, hardships, or heartaches, Digest of the Broken Road Traveler presents fifty-two life-changing morals that will excite the spirit, awaken the soul, and deeply enrich your life, beginning with the very first chapter, or Exit, from your own broken road. Each teaching is presented to you in either narrative essay or allegory format, with clear soul-healing revelations. A noted expert and authority on moving forward from life’s toughest challenges, including the loss of his teenage son and only child, award-winning author R. Glenn Kelly reveals the often-forgotten truths that kept him connected to God, as well as grounded in mind, body, and soul during emotionally difficult times. Each teaching in this book is conceptually presented through four separate Waypoints in your life, ~ Waypoint One – Reawakening Your True Self ~ Waypoint Two – Being Self Conscious or Conscious of Self ~ Waypoint Three – Revelations of Hardship ~ Waypoint Four – Reaffirming Faith and Spirit Each Waypoint contains thirteen Exits, or chapters, that you can take during your broken road travels. This provides a total of fifty-two morals, principles, and philosophies that present lessons and teachings for a life filled with abundance, faith, and unconditional love. In Digest of the Broken Road Traveler, you’ll discover where you fell to when the bottom dropped out. You’ll learn what’s left behind once you’ve been through the fire. You’ll better understand your divine purpose in life and realize that the journey truly is the destination of your travels. This book will re-introduce you to your true self, and how you think about life in good times and in bad. It will give you the faith to not only move forward, but to turn around on your path and help others when their road gets rough.