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Jake King

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Perhaps a distraction to the dedicated reader of today’s scripted novel, this author pens a channel surfing, thumb swiping, squirrel!, commentary on today’s over-saturated society. It reads like a series of short stories loosely bound by a single plot line. Only upon completion do we learn that it is an introduction to a series of novellas that dive deeper into each of the subplots and characters. (Available on Amazon in Spring of 2023.) If a novel could be judged solely upon the two dozen or so unique takes and incites that WSR. King dispenses in quotable and ‘tongue butter’ litanies throughout the novel, then this novel should be required reading. But alas, while thoroughly readable and entertaining, there is more to writing a great novel. _Byron Oly-Oakly Kingsley_ Les Bois Book Review A lawyer, a doctor, a politician, a cowboy, a teacher, an artist, a bartender, a writer, an architect, a liar, a drug dealer, a killer, and a super man walk into a bank… The narrator guides us through the labyrinth of the complexities of friendships, family, love and death. The players, threads on an infinite spool, are stitched together to create a single quilt in the fabric that makes up our world.