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F. David Rinehart
Disaster for Sale

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

"When Yellowstone’s Super Volcano threatens eruption wiping out the United States, Dr. Thomas Jackson, the world’s foremost expert in the geology of aquifers and underground water movements is called upon to lead the frantic effort to reverse the trends hopefully avoiding an eruption. Joined by internationally known disaster response expert, Catherine Craft, who has just finished her rotation leading the massive response to the eruption of Sicily’s Mt. Etna and the initial test of her designed and personally-funded revolution in response housing and system. Forged together from two different worlds, Thomas and Catherine encounter personal betrayals and losses as they lead an elite team, uncovering the sinister years’ old plot of activating eco-weapons designed to destroy nature and mankind for corporate gain. Despite the huge forces and potential losses in play, Thomas and Catherine immediately connect and navigate unexpected new love as the world closes in on them. They lean on each other as betrayal comes from directions never imagined, from greedy corporations to corrupt government officials to their own twisted families."
Rinehart debuts with an action-packed thriller bolstered by a touch of romance, following the efforts of geologist Thomas Jackson and disaster response expert Catherine Craft, along with an assembled military team, as they work together to stop a potential eruption in Yellowstone National Park that could lead to "the end of the United States if it goes off." When Thomas's mentor and long-time friend commits suicide during their investigation, he and the team learn that someone is behind the volatile shift in the Yellowstone caldera that’s contributing to its potential eruption, igniting their race against time to prevent the deaths of millions of people.

"Power is all that matters" in this zero hour thriller, as Thomas scrambles to puzzle out the science that will stop the eruption and Catherine sets out on her own mission—to find out who is funding the project that first set this natural disaster in motion. As Thomas and Catherine's love story develops, their sweet romance in the midst of chaos provides soft moments within the explosive, constantly moving plot, yet even as they grow closer, Catherine learns that Thomas is keeping secrets of his own. Rinehart masterfully weaves the suspense and romance together, as the couple must learn to rely on each other while they deal with government corruption, family drama, and the potential end of the world.

Beyond that budding relationship, the core of the novel delves into the destruction that comes with abuse of power and greed, filling the pages with scenes of betrayal and violence that create heart-pounding tension until the shocking conclusion. The ensemble of characters is immense, and with multiple subplots providing twists and turns throughout, it’s hard to tell who to trust. Fans of exhilarating thrillers with multiple storylines and intricate characterization will enjoy this wild ride that stays unpredictable until the very last page.

Takeaway: A roller coaster ride of romance, secrets, and government cover-ups.

Comparable Titles: Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny’s State of Terror, Stacey Abram's While Justice Sleeps.

Production grades
Cover: B
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A-
Marketing copy: A