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Jo was broken. Tattered from the sexual abuse she experienced as a child, she finds a new life with the woman who adopts her. Still, she keeps running, hiding, and fighting as the years go on. Until she meets Ben. A kind boy who she shares a class with during her freshman year of high school. Free of judgment, Jo falls in love with him and reveals her scars, creating an unbreakable bond. Now in their senior year, Ben is drawn back to his childhood friend, Emily, who faced the same abuse as Jo. This drives him to help her escape that reality, but before he can do anything, she is sent away by her abuser and father, Robert. Thoughts of leaving a dear friend to suffer takes its toll on Ben, a weight Jo shares with him. Soon after, their paths unexpectedly cross with three others, three powerful stories that tie them all together. This incredible coincidence births a set of unique friendships, and inspires Ben to do whatever he can to help them heal. Will he lose himself, or possibly the one he loves most, in the end?