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Latasha Walker
Distance to Mercy: A Fatherless Woman's Journey to Truth, Healing, and Purpose through Yoga and Spirituality

In this self-help memoir, Latasha invites you into her childhood experience as a fatherless daughter and how she seeks to understand the difficulties this void presents in her relationships and her struggle for self-love and acceptance. Her relatable and revealing perspective on her life can help you open up to your darkest wounds.

Using spirituality and yoga philosophy as her guide, Latasha imparts knowledge and understanding of old and new healing tools for trauma and disappointment with a fresh stance. Throughout, Distance to Mercy provides suggestions for you to detach from resistant behaviors and thought patterns. She explores the positive side of failed plans, the revelations that toxic people bring to our lives, stages of healing, and how to find the purpose behind your pain. Most importantly, Latasha proves that creating a more fulfilled life starts with self-improvement, increased emotional intelligence and a creative approach to healing!