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Ditch the Diets: It's Not All About the Food
Talking about nutrition is a lot like talking about religion or politics. The abundance of gimmicks and quick-fix promises can confuse and frustrate anyone trying to lose weight and keep it off. Kathryn Scoblick debunks dieting myths and says achieving weight loss and good health is Not All About the Food. In her book, Ditch the Diets, she clarifies nutrition advice, differentiates between clinical evidence and food industry miracle marketing. She helps you frame your reality and create a clear vision, and highlights life’s most important treasures such as your relationships and living the life you have imagined. She helps readers close the gap between where they are today, and where they want to be, by drawing lessons from positive psychologists, clinical researchers, spiritual leaders and others. Scoblick provides step-by-step instructions for making changes today that lead to your healthier future. Ditch the Diets and find renewed vitality, peace and happiness in your personalized approach to a healthy weight and a fulfilling life.