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Magen Hayashi
Ditching the Doormat
Do you feel trapped in a toxic relationship or marriage? Do you have a history of dating codependents or narcissists? Are you ready to leave unhealthy, doormat relationships behind and create a new future? Recovering from a dysfunctional relationship or marriage can be a painful and challenging journey, but it’s not impossible. If you want to learn how to identify and overcome negative patterns, set new boundaries, rebuild self-esteem, and heal from the past, then you need to read this book. Within these pages, you’ll find helpful insights and practical tools to recognize and recover from toxic relationships. Inside Ditching the Doormat, you will learn: What the signs and symptoms of a dysfunctional relationship are. How to identify toxic, doormat behaviors in your own life. How to set healthy boundaries in relationships and why it is essential for good mental health. Steps to develop the confidence to leave a toxic relationship and demand better for yourself. Strategies for personal growth in the aftermath of a divorce or painful breakup. How to establish healthy, positive thought and behavioral patterns as you leave the doormat behind and become your best self. This powerful book offers a pathway toward self-discovery and a brighter future by identifying what hasn’t been working and learning what will.