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Dive Babe
Suzie Quint, author
Claudia MacAllister, the manager of an upscale hotel bar in Galveston, Texas, can't go to the police about her stalker because she fears they'd laugh themselves silly when she tells them her on-again, off-again friend-with-benefits is stalking her with matrimonial intent. In an attempt to dissuade his amorous pursuit, she tries to convince her stalker she's involved with someone else. Talk about being in the right place at the wrong time. Joe Sweeny, the part owner of a scuba diving excursion company, steps up to give substance to her fictional Other Man. Though he only met Claudia the day before, the Man in her Life is a role he'd happily try out for. What he doesn't know is that she thinks he's gay and about to marry his partner, which suits her just fine since she has no interest in falling in love. In a story reminiscent of the forties screwball comedies, best friends perform secret interventions, dogs on death row play matchmaker, robots pursue innocent bystanders and, above all, life conspires to force Claudia to face her deepest fears. Will Joe catch her before she gets in over her head?