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Divine State of Mind: The Gateway to Finding Answers From Within
Divine State of Mind® Hypnosis Technique is the new Gateway to communication between people and other beings in the spiritual realm. In a deep hypnotic state, clients converse directly with their soul, loved ones, angels, and other spiritual beings. Discover how Divine healings from Archangels and the Master had profoundly transforming effects on the lives of those who experienced them. The Divine State of Mind® Hypnosis Technique allows clients to enter the Hall of Akashic records and ask their “Book of Life” questions. Answers appear in the form of an experience, either through past lives or potential future ones - depending on their free will. Join me, Spiritual Hypnotist, Susan Lawrence, CCH as I guide my clients through the gateway of their superconscious minds awareness to discover what is available to all - Messages and Healing from the Divine! Certified by Dr. Brian Weiss, I share my clients’ hypnotherapy experiences and clinical applications beginning with NLP, parts therapy, and childhood regression, and then quickly move on to past life regressions, Akashic records, and Divine healings with archangels and the Masters. Read the true stories of miraculous healings in Divine State of Mind®: The Gateway to Finding Answers From Within!