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Howard Seaborne
Author, Illustrator
The eighth DIVISIBLE MAN novel. Will’s encounter with a deadly sniper on a serial killing rampage sends him deeper into the FBI’s hands with costly consequences for Andy. And when billionaire Spiro Lewko returns to the picture, Will and Andy’s future takes a dark turn. The stakes could not be higher when the sniper’s true target is revealed and Will's ability to vanish may not be enough to avert disaster.
Kirkus Reviews

"Another riveting, taut, and timely adventure with engaging characters and a great premise."

Kirkus Reviews

"Any reader of this series knows that they’re in good hands with Seaborne, who’s a natural storyteller. His descriptions and dialogue are crisp, and his characters deftly sketched; for example, Pidge, an ace pilot whom Will trained, is described as “a little under five feet of coiled cobra with short blonde hair and a disarming pixie smile” whom Will “always assumed would die alone in a bar fight at the age of ninety.” The book keeps readers tied into its complex and exciting thriller plot with lucid and graceful exposition, laying out clues with cleverness and subtlety."

Rich Sorensen

"I've read all of Seaborne's novels and they just keep on getting better. A special bonus in "Eight Ball" is his moment-by-moment description of flying an aircraft under very dicey conditions. I felt like I was in the seat right beside him. There is so much to like here, and to navigate through all eight novels in the company of protagonists Will and Andy is such a treat. Bravo!"