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Howard Seaborne
Author, Illustrator

Tormented by a cyber stalker, teen Lane Franklin’s best friend turns to suicide. Lane’s frantic call to Will and Andy Stewart interrupts the married couple's "date night" and launches them on a desperate rescue. When it all goes bad, Will must adapt his extraordinary ability to vanish in order to survive the dangerous high steel and glass of Chicago as Andy and hotshot pilot Pidge encounter the edge of disaster. This novel includes the short story, “Angel Flight,”a bridge to the fourth DIVISIBLE MAN novel that follows.

Kate C

"A great new author! The series so far is fantastic. Great story lines, great characters, can't rave about the books enough!"

Kirkus Reviews

"Another intelligent and exciting superpowered thriller."

Kirkus Reviews

"As in the previous two outings, Seaborn, a former flight instructor and charter pilot, delivers a solid, well-written tale that taps into the near-universal dream of personal flight. Seaborne makes the other thing integral to the plot in a way that never feels gimmicky, and three novels in, the protagonist is still discovering new and intriguing aspects of his gift."