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Howard Seaborne
Author, Illustrator

The fourth novel in the DIVISIBLE MAN series. A horrifying text message turns a holiday gathering tragic. An unsolved murder hangs a death threat over Detective Andy Stewart’s head. And internet-fueled hatred targets Will and Andy’s teenaged friend Lane. Will and Andy struggle to keep the ones they love safe, while hunting a dead (yes, dead) murderer before he can kill again. As the tension tightens, Will confronts a troubling revelation about his ability to vanish, the extraordinary after-effect of his midair collision.

Kirkus Reviews

"An intensely satisfying thriller—another winner from Seaborne."

Kirkus Reviews

"As in this series’ three previous books, Seaborne, a former flight instructor and charter pilot, proves that he’s a natural-born storyteller, serving up an exciting, well-written thriller."


"Thrilling page turner -couldn't put it down. This is book 4 in the series and they have all been great. Excitement, adventure, memorable characters - I can't put it down when I start one! Have read all 4 twice now! Can't wait for the next one!"