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Howard Seaborne
Author, Illustrator

The second DIVISIBLE MAN novel in a series. When the Essex County “Wedding of the Century” erupts in gunfire, Will and Andy Stewart confront a criminal element no one could have foreseen. Will tests the extraordinary after-effect of surviving a devastating airplane crash -- his newfound ability to vanish -- while Andy, a police officer, works a case obstructed by powerful people wielding the sinister influence of unlimited money in politics.

The second installment in Seaborne’s epic Divisible Man series keeps up the fast-paced action of the first book, offering a thrilling sequence of twists, turns, and high-flying action. Charter pilot Will Stewart acquired the powers of invisibility and flight–well, floating–after surviving an airplane crash. Still struggling to come to terms with his new powers, much less fully control them, Stewart teams up with his wife Andy–a police sergeant–to get to the bottom of a high-stakes criminal conspiracy.

The crime plot is set into motion when a shootout erupts at a high-profile wedding, where Stewart and Andy are also in attendance. The gunfire claims the life of the father of the bride, a senator by the name of Robert Stone. As a member of the local law enforcement and a close acquaintance of the bride, Andy is inevitably sucked into the complicated web of political and financial interests that led to what turns out to be a targeted killing. Stewart joins Andy in her investigation, using his superpowers to unveil the grisly truth behind the events that transpired at the wedding. Along the way, the husband-wife duo encounters neo-Nazi gangs, corrupt state officials and rich businessmen with malicious political intentions.

Seaborne weaves together a crisp, intricate narrative with an engaging, likable couple at the heart of the action. Elements of romance and the fantastical elevate this entry (and the series itself) over other two-fisted thrillers. Will and Andy’s easy banter and chemistry lightens the conspiracy plotline and never gets tiring, even energizing the narrative in the instances when the plot details get technical or convoluted. Also setting the Divisible Man books apart is Seaborne’s attention to Will’s evolving understanding and use of his powers, as this entry finds him experimenting with propulsion units to truly take flight. “This is freaking amazing!” Will thinks, as “the Earth falls away beneath” him, and readers onboard for tech-thriller superheroes will likely agree.

Takeaway: This high-flying thriller boasts welcome elements of the fantastical and a lovable central couple.

Great for fans of: Steven Gould’s Jumper, Myke Cole.

Production grades
Cover: B
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: B+

Carmel K.

"Even better than the first! Lots of surprises. The last chapters and the first chapter of book three (a bonus!) make you crave more. Appreciate the really strong and complex female character. About time."

Kirkus Reviews

"Even more entertaining than its predecessor—a great read."

Kirkus Reviews

"Seaborne chooses his villains well, with timely links to torn-from-the-headlines issues like for-profit prisons. The book’s several action set pieces are well orchestrated and exciting, with big emotional payoffs. The ending is surprising and offers deep satisfaction, while also suggesting a new, intriguing direction for Will to use his abilities. Readers will be impatient for the novel’s planned sequel."

Nicole M. Goodden

"Divisible Man The Sixth Pawn opens with a bang and continues to move as fast as you can turn the pages. Our hero continues to hone his new "gift" with elements of surprise, wit,and humor. The partnership between Will and Andy grow beyond marital love as they become partners in crime-solving. Seaborne is developing a set of characters akin to the Indiana Jones series, with a nail-biting, on-the-edge-of-your-seat pace that doesn't stop until the very end. My favorite character is Pidge, who breaks the suspense with moments of laughing out loud. I can't wait for volume 3. Best series I've read since Harry Potter!"