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Howard Seaborne
Author, Illustrator
The sixth DIVISIBLE MAN novel. Caught up in a series of hideous crimes that generate national headlines, Will faces the critical question of whether to reveal his ability to vanish or allow innocent lives to be lost. The stakes go higher than ever when Andy uncovers the real reason behind a celebrity athlete’s assault on an underaged girl. And Will discovers that the limits of his ability can lead to disaster.
Kirkus Reviews

A Kirkus Starred Review Winner - "Seaborne shows himself to be a reliably splendid storyteller in this latest outing. The plot is intricate and could have been confusing in lesser hands, but the author manages it well, keeping readers oriented amid unexpected developments."

Kirkus Reviews

"His crisp writing about complex scenes and concepts is another strong suit, as when he describes Lewko’s laboratory, “a set director’s dream for a science fiction picture” where “sequential lights glowed in the floor, throbbing like weird luminescent water flowers sunk in an acrylic pond.” The fantasy of self-powered flight remains absolutely compelling, each installment bringing new revelations regarding its possibilities and origins. As a former charter pilot, Seaborne conveys Will’s delight not only in “the other thing,” but also in airplanes and the world of flight—an engaging subculture that he ably brings to life for the reader. Will is heroic and daring, as one would expect, but he’s also funny, compassionate, and affectionate."

Kirkus Reviews

"A gripping, timely, and twisty thriller."