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Bernadette Purcell
Divorced As F* In Seven Spiritual Steps
“Divorced As F* In Seven Spiritual Steps” is an edgy self-help book that is a love story in disguise. It is a psychotherapist’s guide to owning your divorce so that you can come out the other side with unbelievable lightness. Each spiritual step offers a gritty look into human emotion and shows how to harness it for personal metamorphosis. The journey has twists and turns including starting over, managing the divorce world, and falling in love again. This book promises readers entertainment even as it teaches them to “own the fuck out of their divorce.” Given the staggering number of divorces per year, it is about time we have a book that shows its readers how to grow from divorce by using a provocative and entertaining narrative. There are so many people who will truly benefit from its message of hope, love, and transformation.