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Jokpeme Omode
Do it yourself to be among successful people

Adult; Business & Personal Finance; (Publish)

This book is written to change a lot of young people's lives and encourage them to pursue their walk towards their destiny. It talks about the great knowledge we have about our destiny, each and every one of us is purposed for success. Many circumstances may attempt to delay our destiny, but it is rest assured that it will never be denied. We bring on board the issue of life and the journey towards our destiny. It will enlighten and educate a lot of people who wishes to pursue their purpose in this world. This book serves as a motivation not to give up in life because you are facing challenges or circumstances. To some people, to be successful means having a good life, a good family, and lots of money. ‘Success’ is a very powerful word. Many of us run behind it; most of us want to conquer it. So, what is success all about? Does this mean acquiring money or fame? Success means different things to different people. Success can mean the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. For you to succeed, set a goal, a measurable target that represents what you envision: that is what you want or where you see yourself in future. Success comes with hard work. To succeed you must have the desire and the determination. Not all people will be successful in life. It is very important for every individual to define their own concept of success rather than following someone else’s footsteps. We must analyze what makes us happy, what gives us contentment, and what motivates us. No one can list out our needs better than us. It brings the clarity of understanding the will of God concerning our destiny and our purpose in life. Sharing practical tools to use along the journey of life which will assist you to live a successful life and fulfilling your God given purpose. If you know the word of God, you will rule the world. Say good things to yourself and always think positively to actualize good positive results elevated by grace that will disgrace your mockers. Don’t be comfortable with poverty, shame and mediocrity. Don’t remain and continue in failure believing that every failure is a stepping stone to success. There is a limit to the effectiveness of this theory because too much error brings horror. You have to learn to know that it is not enough to think, you must act. Do it today. If you do not need insults, then produce results.