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Pamela Lamp
Do the Next New Thing
Pamela Lamp, author
Pamela Lamp’s job raising her family had ended. She struggled to determine a new direction, longed to be more than a wife and a mom, and feared it was too late to begin anew. And then her husband’s job required moving to a new city. Since she needed to do SOMETHING, she created a plan for herself. She began doing one relatable new thing—every single day. Her creative journey—tiny steps toward change anyone can take—not only led to friends and a passion project but also helped her determine how to live the rest of her life.
Lamp’s debut book offers a warm, encouraging companion to those who want to create new paths and possibilities in their lives. A former stay-at-home mom with her two children now grown into adults, Lamp finds herself feeling at loose ends—especially when she moves from her longtime home in Houston to Nashville). Determined to meet the challenges of a new phase of life in a new city, she draws inspiration from Julia Cameron’s (The Artist’s Way) advice to “do the next right thing” and decides that she will summon her courage to “do the next new thing,” committing herself to do a new thing every single day for a year.

Lamp’s new experiences range from slicing up a whole pineapple to taking a sewing class to doing a police ride-along, and she relates their results with charm, humor, and candor. But she doesn’t go on this journey of self-discovery alone: she invites her readers along throughout by offering her own experiences as a jumping off point for theirs. At the end of each section of the book, she makes space for readers to brainstorm possibilities for novel activities in their own lives, offering a variety of ideas and resources for gaining new skills, making new friends, and breaking out of old and often limiting patterns and mindsets.

Lamp’s suggestions and tips are practical and inclusive, encouraging readers to look for small opportunities to broaden their horizons. Though she is positive and upbeat, she is also honest about her experiences, acknowledging that not all of the new things she did had significant or lasting impacts. However, she emphasizes with inviting power the value of trying new things, no matter what their outcomes. Though readers of retirement age may benefit most from Lamp’s reflections on her experiences, all readers can benefit from Lamp’s gentle, supportive push to experience new things in order to grow.

Takeaway: Fun, practical guide to expanding horizons and seizing possibilities.

Comparable Titles: Julia Cameron; Susan Jeffers’s Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A