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Frankie Rollins
Do You Feel Like Writing?
Do You Feel Like Writing? A Creative Guide to Artistic Confidence Synopsis This guide offers stories and suggestions about the writer’s life and how to grow self-esteem and confidence around the work of creativity. The book opens with a chapter on imagination, inviting readers to observe personal obsessions and accept the material that comes to them. More invitations follow, enticing readers to explore the reasons for making art and perform the magic trick of finding time to write (when there is no time to write). There’s a reminder, again and again, that each writer has what they need to make art, already and always. Also, there’s practical advice on being flexible, finding responsive feedback, rejecting lousy feedback, and advocating for the texts. The text is enriched with quotations from other writers and the author’s personal experiences, and every chapter is followed by a series of prompts to further the ideas. In a final exhortation that love for the act of writing is something that any writer can return to, the book raises questions about the hierarchies of “bestness” and urges readers to remember the fresh, bright heart of their own creativity. Do You Feel Like Writing? closes with over 100 additional writing prompts.
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This is the one. If you have always in the deepest, quietest, most private part of you felt a desire to write, but then immediately shut yourself down with some version of who I am to think I could write—this book is a must. Buy now. Consider this your sign that yes, your desire to write means you are meant to write, and this is the book that will very practically help you love and write yourself into who you deeply hope to become—a writer. Yes, you. If not now, when?

That’s what this book does for me. This author is a writer’s writer. She understands the solitary challenge of writing and the need for community encouragement while putting the self onto the page. Rigorous and consummate champion of your imagination, of meaningful substance, and of the art, science, and craft of writing.

This book is beautiful, deep, down to earth while sophisticated. It’s for the emerging writing and the best selling writer, and the emerging best selling writer. Most importantly this book is for me, and for you, and for all of us who live with a burning desire to express ourselves as well as we can. Best dozen or so dollars you can spend to embolden and realize your dream. You can do it, Frankie promises you can, and somehow she makes it possible for me to really believe her, and in turn, believe in myself.

If you could only choose one book to accompany you on your journey of self expression, this is hands down the one.

Amy Argetsinger author of THERE SHE WAS and Washington Post Editor

Other writing gurus want to school you in the strategies to get you through the chore of writing. Frankie Rollins is alert to these tricks and generous with them; her wisdom on the eternal question of how to find time to write is essential. But her true gift is to EXCITE you about writing, by centering you in your body’s very urge to do it. More than a manual for how to write, it’s a manifesto for how to live. How I wish someone had written this passionate, open-hearted, one-of-a-kind book for me years ago.


Beth Alvarado, author of JILLIAN IN THE BORDERLANDS

In DO YOU FEEL LIKE WRITING, Frankie Rollins asks us to explore where our writing comes from. What in our lives feeds us as creatives? How can we nurture our best impulses? How can we reshape those patterns that don't serve us? How can we become more sensitive to what the work needs? If this sounds like a mystical and magical approach, it is. But Rollins is also pragmatic and honest about the challenges of a writing life and how to meet them. Her insights come from years as a writer and a teacher of writing and so do her practical suggestions and writing exercises. Open to any page and you'll find something that speaks to you. I promise.