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Does Anyone Love Me? A Nature Odyssey for Children
Nature offers a wonderland of marvels for children and a place to relax and restore mental and physical health. This book encourages exploration of the outdoors and curiosity about life. It teaches self-acceptance, acceptance of others who are different, numbers, colors, and antonyms - all while emphasizing the beauty and magic of the extraordinary creatures found all around us. The book is illustrated with pictures of diverse children interacting with nature and with over 140 photographs of animals and plants that ask "Can anyone love me" despite their unusual features or habits. The simple story line is designed to appeal to young children; photographs, identifications, and the Appendix add depth and complexity for continuing to engage children as they age. The goal is to provide a book that can be re-visited for years, not one that is used only briefly then discarded when the child passes a developmental milestone. For parents, the book includes a 22-page Appendix on identifying and avoiding common insects and arachnids that are potentially harmful for children, together with tips on how to keep small animals collected in the wild. With care and understanding, we can all venture into the great outdoors and enjoy the allure of creatures large and small. The natural world is just as incredible as imaginary worlds of dragons, fairies, and mermaids, but it actually exists and thus acquiring knowledge about nature can help children throughout their lives.