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Ebook Details
  • 06/2017
  • B072VTPXQF
  • 288 pages
  • $2.99
Dog Sitters: A Man, a Woman, and a Schnoodle
Rozsa Gaston, author

Adult; Romance; (Market)

When their friends take a cruise to Bermuda, strangers Hint Daniels and Jack Whitby are charged with looking after their dog. Then everything starts to go wrong . . .

In the leafy New York suburb of Bronxville, Hint is supposed to hand Percy off to Jack on day five of the ten days their friends are away. But at the handoff, the dog ends up running away. Neither is willing to tell their friends the bad news that Percy is missing. Instead, they spend five frantic days desperately searching for the Schnoodle, with wildly different ideas on how to go about it. Between Jack's heavy-handed approach and Hint's otherworldly style, their personalities clash. Before long they're bickering furiously, even as romantic sparks fly.

Will Percy show up before his owners do? And what surprising discovery will Hint and Jack make while looking for him?

Gaston’s endearing contemporary gets off to a slow start, but readers who stick with it will be rewarded. Hint Daniels, a children’s book illustrator, has been dog-sitting her friends’ dog, Percy, for five days. She has an important appointment with a big publisher, so she’s supposed to turn Percy over to clueless but well-meaning Jack Whitby—who immediately loses the dog due to a leash malfunction. As Percy appears to intentionally elude them in hopes of kindling romance between them, the ensuing search takes them from New York’s suburbs to the city and back again, unfolding with just the right balance of human friction, mental anguish, danger to life and limb, and, of course, romantic tension. Hint and Jack blossom into fully relatable individuals who may be in search of a lost dog but find a whole lot more. This is a charming story that dog lovers and romance fans will enjoy. (BookLife)
Christine Utchel, Bronxville Public Library

"A charming romantic tale with a sweet dog at its center, Dog Sitters is a story that is sure to warm any reader's heart."

Donna Ford, author of Miracle of the Call

5.0 out of 5 stars Dog Lovers' Romance By Donna Ford on March 28, 2017Hint and Jack each agreed to share dog sitting for friends. Now they must work together to find the dog they lost during the handover. Will two strangers, scouring NY backyards and parks under starry skies, find the frightened Schnoodle…and romance as well?Animal lovers or not, readers will be hooked by Dog Sitters… first by the book’s award-winning cover art and then by the fun, fast-paced story. Gaston is a masterful romance novelist who knows how to warm the hearts of her fans.

GM Ron

4.0 out of 5 stars Hold on to your leash...and your heart! By GM Ron June 8, 2017 What begins as a case of a mishandled leash, turns into a tale of two souls getting a leash on their own lives...and in the process, their hearts. Little Percy and his love for the great outdoors is what gets the ball rolling. He pulls his trick at the wrong moment and BOOM...he's reenacting his solo version of The Incredible Journey. Meanwhile, his human would-be-caretakers, are scrambling to find him and the means they go to in order to snuff out this scruffy fella, would touch any dog owner's heart. Speaking of hearts, theirs are not untouched by the situation, but there are other feelings emerging as they are forced to spend more time together than initially sought. Good thing closeness can also make the heart grow fonder, otherwise I'm pretty sure we'd be dealing with someone severely not playing dead, as Jack can certainly be a pill.In the end, though not as focused on dear sweet Percy as I was hoping, I found it to be a cute read, good for a weeknight pick me up or a few sunny hours in the park.

Helene Furst of Morning Beans Blog

5.0 out of 5 stars Addictive and enjoyable readBy Helene Furst on March 23, 2017Another winner from Rozsa Gaston. Compelling, light hearted and sweet, I couldn't put this one down! Who could resist a love story orchestrated by a missing Schnoodle? Hint Daniels and Jack Whitby are sharing dog sitting services for their friends who are away on vacation. As they meet to switch doggie hospitality, Percy, a lovable schnoodle, gets away. The tension and fiery exchanges between the two as they search for Percy reveal many complex relationship issues in both love and real life. Grab this book, get a cool drink, get poolside and start reading!

Jamie Cat Callan, author of French Women Don't Sleep Alone

"Beautifully written, romantic and heartwarming, Dog Sitters will make you stop, sit up, listen and beg for more."

Jo Jo Russell, Party DJ, Singer/Songwriter, Comedian

5.0 out of 5 stars A smart read and a balm in turbulent times By Jo Jo Russell, Party DJ, Singer/Songwriter, Comedianon March 10, 2017I’m a guy and this is my first Romance Novel (don’t ask!). After a couple of pages I was hooked and it was hard to think of anything else while I joined in the hunt for Percy with the two hapless dog sitters (strangers to each other up until this incident) who ended up finding more than just the missing pet.I even laughed out loud a number of times at the spot-on observations by the author that revealed how the two genders internalize the ‘spark’ that fights ‘the elements’ to become a bright burning flame. It was a smart read and a balm in turbulent times. I’m looking forward to reading more by Rozsa Gaston!

Kathleen Mendez, Amazon Vines top reviewer

"Just want to remove yourself from life's stresses? This book will take you there."

Lee Daniels, author of Poems from the Edge

"The frolicking fun in Rozsa Gaston's Dog Sitters evokes a blend of Kay Thompson's old-world, New York elegance with its scenes at the Stanhope and Algonquin, and Pulitzer-winning novelist Teresa Carpenter's sultry romance sagas."

Luci Abruzzo

"A delightful storyline that pulls you in. Makes you want to find out where the romance is going as much as where the dog went. Really enjoyed the Bronxville setting, with lots of quaint detail."

Merima Dulic

"An entertaining read, perfect for travel and relaxation."

Nicki Piercy Coddington, Big Dog Design

"A lighthearted romantic journey featuring two very opposite characters and a cheeky pup. The search for Percy keeps us on the edge of our seats, especially as his intrepid dog sitters become aware that their adventure may not only be to find their misplaced charge. You will root for all three of them to find what they're looking for by story's end."

Rebekah Little

"The fiery banter between Jack and Hint brings proinent relationship issues to the surface, such a respect and compromise. An exceptionally entertaining novel."

Steve Singer, pet store owner

"Hint and Jack's prior relationships ended badly. Will this one flourish? This playful novel offers a thoughtful examination of how their relationship, feelings and beliefs evolve during their quest to find the runaway dog Percy. Compelling."

BookLife features Dog Sitters Cover Redesign

This month, Deborah Bradseth at Tugboat Design reimagines the cover of Rozsa Gaston's romance Dog Sitters. See Bradseth's new cover art and design notes in PW's February 27, 2017 issue, p. 46.

The original cover lacked a focal point and elements competed for attention. In redesign, the title became the focal point.

A rookie mistake is the use of drop shadow on text. The original design used it, but the redesign does not—and it's not only readable at thumbnail size, but eye catching as well.

Movement in design helps direct attention. The line extending from the s draws the eye to the subtitle, silhouettes, and author name. The movement within the silhouettes draws the eye to the title, sky, and blurb.

The happy couple and dog let readers know the book's genre and tone. You know it's a sweet romance and the dog plays an important role.

Ebook Details
  • 06/2017
  • B072VTPXQF
  • 288 pages
  • $2.99