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Yann Somou
Don't Be Stupid, Idiot - Helping Idiots Be Less Idiotic
Yann Somou, author
Yann Somou is a proper, moany prick of an author. As such, he decided to write a sweary book, chock full of 120+ rants about things that piss off the vast majority of us. Think queue cutting, cancel culture, not buying rounds, splitting the bill to the penny, holding the door open, ignoring reserved seating, political correctness, treating pets as humans, gamesmanship, tailgating, reclining plane seats, the list goes on… But he hasn’t done so simply for the sake of entertainment, or as some form of pointless self-therapy. Nor is he an old fogey who claims everything was better “back in his day”… No, he actually wrote ‘Don’t be stupid, idiot’ for a very specific reason. As we are all well aware, the world is going to shit for a number of reasons, among them climate change, capitalism and technology. Yann believes that most of these issues can be traced back to us, losing touch with our own humanity. He thinks that manners are slowly, but surely, being thrown out the window – that common courtesy and common sense are becoming uncommon. But, despite being a moany fuck, it’s not all doom and gloom with Yann. He sincerely hopes that reading the rants within these pages will help us all recognise some of the little ways in which we have started to not give a shit about our fellow human. If we can all make this first step of self-awareness, and rectify how we act around each other, thinking kindness and compassion first, then maybe, just maybe, we can build a future where our humanity remains intact.