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The blackmail letter reads, I know what you’ve done. Court Lane has worked hard to create her fairytale life—loving and trusting husband, well-adjusted kids, safe neighborhood. So when the letter arrives at her doorstep, the message is clear—pay up or have your world destroyed. With nowhere to turn, Court succumbs to the blackmailer’s demands. But she can’t forget about the letter. It haunts her. A girls’ trip offers the perfect distraction. She and her three closest friends head to a remote cabin in the Appalachians for a weekend full of massages and wine. But the fun comes to an abrupt end when an unexpected ice storm strands them without electricity and phones. And then one friend never wakes up. It looks like an accident. But as the storm rages outside cutting off any chance of escape, and secrets start to spill—secrets related to the blackmail letter—Court discovers her friends aren’t who she thinks they are. And maybe, just maybe, her friend didn’t die accidentally at all. Perhaps she was murdered. Now, Court must decide who's lying, who's telling the truth, and who can be trusted. Otherwise, she could be the next to die.