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Download Incomplete
R.M. Gayler, author
Rich Preston is a fifty-seven-year-old unemployed electrician who stumbles through life, racked with guilt for causing his son’s death. Traveling home through the Nevada desert one afternoon, Rich encounters a massive swarm of intelligent nanotechnology that implants a grain of machinery into his brain that slowly gives birth to an artificial intelligence. As Rich struggles to understand the millions of images being downloaded into his mind, he gradually learns to communicate with this alien, and it learns to communicate back in a hauntingly familiar voice—his dead son… Pursued by the Department of Homeland Security, Rich uses the alien machinery in unimaginable ways to evade potential capture. But as a foreign power waits in the wings to snatch up Rich for their own nefarious plans, Rich’s children become pawns in a ruthless game of cat and mouse that forces Rich into a deadly showdown with two world superpowers. Will Rich discover the secrets behind this alien presence? Or will the revelations be too much for his mind—and the human race—to embrace? For fans of Carl Sagan and Michael Crichton, Download Incomplete is a mind-bending tale that pushes the boundaries of technology, love, and family.