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Drag Me Under

"This book reads like an Agatha Christie novel, with a stick of dynamite attached!" - Eoghan Egan - Author of 'Hiding in Plain Sight' and 'The Other Side of Fear'.

Marine Biologist Dr. Maggie Reid and her science team set sail for the Puerto Rico Trench, where destiny in the form of an undocumented species awaits, which she hopes will catapult her career and provide a glimmer of light into her tumultuous personal life.

Halfway through their journey across the Atlantic, the unlikely crew cross paths with an unconscious woman floating in a tattered lifeboat. When she eventually regains consciousness, she recounts an experience that seems too strange to be true. This sends the group into disarray, and soon after the new arrival settles in, the situation turns dire and descends into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse aboard the RRS Pioneer.

Also on board the state-of-the-art research vessel is Chef Jamie Wentworth, who is running from her horrific past, and Robert Francis, the ex-military security officer who has more than one cross to bear. Leading the voyage is the malevolent Captain Ratliff and deep within the bowels of the ship roams the mysterious ex-Soviet engineer simply known as Mr. Chaika, among others.

Personalities clash from the first lift of the anchor and it seems every crew member has a dark secret they are desperate to hide. The question is, who can you trust?