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Drake's Coffin is the rousing adventure tale of a search for lost treasure in the jungle of Panama. It features rich history, exotic locales, fascinating characters and rapid-fire action. Four hundred years ago the English adventurer Sir Francis Drake stole it from the Spanish and buried it in the jungles of Panama. Thirty years ago an unsuspecting group of teenage boys stumbled upon it in a night of violent death that would change their lives forever. Now, they've come back for Drake's legendary lost treasure, in a race against time, old enemies and modern foes. Led by federal prosecutor Zach Colt, six diverse and colorful old friends join forces and return to present-day Panama to recover their spoils. A psychopathic cop. Ruthless pirates, old and new. A daring ex-Navy beauty. Deadly predators. Indians. Intrepid SCUBA divers. A feisty Portuguese Water Dog. A contest to the death in the Panama Canal. These and more are encountered by the men in pursuit of their fortune. Some find self-knowledge, honor and redemption. Others face betrayal, heartbreak and death. Above all, Drake's Coffin is a unique story of friendship and self-discovery.