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Howard Eisenberg
Dream it to Do it: The Science & the Magic

This is an inspirational and empowering book by a Physician and long-time scientific explorer of the various realms of consciousness. He authored this spiritually and scientifically integrated book of revelations for these troubled times as a global wake-up call. There are exciting new breakthroughs in our scientific understanding of ‘how reality works’ and the real relationship between brain & consciousness. Ironically, soft mysticism and hard science are converging – ancient and modern, subjective and objective – on the same conceptions about the underlying nature of reality. Yet the implications of these scientific breakthroughs are totally contrary to what we’ve generally come to believe. This new understanding also explains the reasons, (& the solutions), for the increasing mass emotional dysregulation and the looming existential threats.

This inviting but provocative exploration of consciousness, reality, and how the former shapes the latter finds Eisenberg (Inner Spaces: Parapsychological Explorations of the Mind) again drawing on ancient wisdom, contemporary science, and cross-cultural spiritual teachings, this time to make the case that “the only thing we can possibly know to be true is that we are experiencing awareness of being aware as our present reality.” Eisenberg plunges deeply into evidence that our existence and the world we perceive have their source in “an underlying universal field of consciousness of a universal consciousness” and also into the practical questions this raises: how should we live, both as individuals and as members of a society whose “predatory-exploitative mindset …has endangered the entire web of life and is leading us to the point of human extinction”?

Eisenberg, of course, has spent half a century pursuing questions of higher consciousness and what it means for us all, and Dream It to Do It lays out a compelling argument in quick, conversational chapters that will communicate clearly to both seasoned seekers and novices alike. For Eisenberg, reality not being what we think it is represents the potential for breakthroughs: if consciousness—that is, the imagination—is responsible for our “consensual” shared existence, then it must also be “the source of everything that we’ve developed,” including scientific discoveries. Imagination, he argues, can quite literally shape reality.

Eisenberg ‘s guidance on how readers can feel a connection to this universal consciousness and perhaps shape some reality themselves, meanwhile, is comfortingly familiar: meditation (“the ultimate brain hack”), manifesting (rooted in “the Shamanistic practice of “dreaming the world into being”), and more. That familiarity, and the commonalities he draws between global religions, is for Eisenberg more evidence, proof that we can transcend “the egoic self–level of individual consciousness.”

Takeaway: Seekers will find this exploration of reality and collective consciousness illuminating and hopeful.

Great for fans of: Stanislav Grof’s The Way of the Psychonaut, Michael Pollan’s How to Change Your Mind.

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