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Debra Jess
Dream of My Soul
Debra Jess, author
Vincenzia, the world's only surviving vampire, discovers her fiancé and first victim has returned from the dead giving her one chance for forgiveness. But if the demon that hunts her didn't resurrect the man she loves, who did? All Marc remembers from his Renaissance wedding to Vincenzia is her teeth in his neck. He's really not in the mood to find his former bride, much less protect her from the demon he's chased through hell for five hundred years, even if the orders come from an angel. Maybe time really does heal all wounds, but when Vincenzia and Marc reunite, they realize the rekindling of their love won't stop the demon from stealing her immortality and using her hybrid blood to bring hell to Earth. Only a sacrifice will, but which one of them will have to die again so the world might live?