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Dream Walker
Larry Prosor, author

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Fired from his tribe's California Indian casino, a student archaeologist earns a job surveying his ancestor's coastal village site. He's gifted an amulet from his Grandfather leading him to Dream Walk as an avatar into the Spanish Mission era. Gradually accepted into the lives of his ancestors, he shares their culture of peaceful traditions as they face the first waves of invading colonists. Fighting to save family blood, he awakens to the present with knowledge gained to halt oil development of the spiritually and environmentally sacred land.
David R Kracke

Dream Walker vibrates with ancient and modern wisdom as the struggle of the past merge with the struggles of the present day conflict between environmentalists and a multinational oil company. As if ripped from today's headlines, Dream Walker takes a stand in favour of those who recognize both the ancient and the modern world's desire to live in harmony with nature and to leave the Earth in better shape than we found it. In presenting this struggle in compelling and dramatic fashion, Prosor succeeds in making Dream Walker a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Midwest Book Review

"Dream Walker" by novelist, screenwriter and photographer Larry Prosor is an extraordinary and exceptionally well crafted story by an author with a genuine flair for originaliy and knack for engaging storytelling. Very highly recommended.

Readers Favorite

I found Dream Walker to be timely given the current environmental, social and political events and I highley reccomend as both a good read and also a necessary correction of history. A really good book!

Shannon Royster

Dream Walker is the story I always wanted to hear but was never told in school. Rich in Native American roots and history, this tale weaves together spirituality, sacred love and respect for the ocean. Brilliant and powerful storytelling!