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Drifter is an Autobiographical Novel. Real events woven into fiction or vice versa... Imagine sitting at a table in a bar somewhere, anywhere, sipping your favourite drink. The story is told as if Dashiell sits beside you recounting the events of his life. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, there is only one lesson to be learnt for the young graduate, Dashiell Aston, there is no such thing as justice, morals, or nobility. Only money matters. From 2008 until 2019, he went from aspiring City trader, job hopping across Europe, to operating several offshore companies laundering millions of dollars through the global art market and cryptocurrencies, establishing himself across three continents, balancing a life focused on the pursuit of money with the pure, raw, bliss of surfing the oceans’ waves. His contacts ranged from Venezuelan drug lords to multi billionaire art buyers to con artists businessmen and even African arms dealers. Faced with unforgivable betrayal, he dedicated two years of his life, all his resources, and all the skills he learned along the way towards a personal revenge worthy of the name. A raw, unhinged story of a life told like it is, inspired by real events.