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Tammy Andresen
Duke of Chance
This duke will chance anything…except his heart. The Duke of Durham, better known as the Duke of Chance, is an unrepentant rake, a gambler, a club owner, and an all-around sinner. Which is why, taking over the gaming hell, the Den of Sins, suits him perfectly. And while he knows he’ll have to marry at some point, he looks upon the institution the way some might consider having a tooth extracted. The act is to be avoided until the last possible moment. But when an opportunity falls into his lap to have the best of both worlds, marriage and freedom, it’s an offer he can’t refuse. She’s loved Chance forever… How could Lady Daisy Longrove forget her childhood infatuation? He’s her brother’s best friend, after all. The handsome and powerful duke has never seen her as anything but a little girl. That is until she finally sets her silly girlhood fancy aside and falls in love with another man, one who also happens to be a rake. All right, perhaps she has a type. But when the Earl of Edgemere doesn’t keep his promise of marriage, she’s all but ruined. That’s when Chance makes her an offer. He’ll save her by marrying her, if she’ll provide him with an heir and then allow him the freedom to do as he chooses. It’s an offer she likely can’t refuse. But all those feelings she’d thought she’d forgotten long ago? They’re back with a vengeance. How can she be his wife when she’s in love with him, knowing he’ll never return her feelings? There in only one answer. Daisy has to find a way to break down the high walls he’s constructed around his heart. Can she convince this duke to take a chance on love?