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Tammy Andresen
Duke of Dishonor
A hero in disguise… When a mystery man saves her from bandits, Emily Carrington cannot deny that she’s intrigued. Perhaps infatuated is the better word. But she’s got no time for such fancies. She has to marry quickly before her family’s secrets are exposed and she is ruined. The problem is that no matter how hard she attempts to pay attention to her parade of suitors, one set of glittering dark eyes haunts both her waking and sleeping hours. Who is Emily’s hero and will she ever get to see him again? A lady in need… Lord Lucas Cross, Duke of Northshire, fell in love with Emily Carrington the moment he first laid eyes on her. She’s everything he’d ever dreamed of and the one woman he can never have. The daughter to his missing business partner, he’s sworn to protect her from the very forces attempting to take his livelihood and his life. For her sake, he has to stay away. But fate has other plans.