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E.A.T. An Unconventional Decade In The Life Of A Cancer Patient
E.A.T. An Unconventional Decade In The Life Of A Cancer Patient was written in journal format, and is based on the 18 journals Kathy kept during her battle with two rare and aggressive cancers. She refused to accept the prognosis of death and found herself tallying the limitations of conventional medical protocol, which led to Kathy's conviction that neither cancer nor doctors would determine her fate. Despite taking advantage of everything her hospital had offered, Kathy's body was failing, leaving her to live half dead. ‚Äč Her Story is an intimate portrait, chronicling the frustrations and hardships of taking on a harrowing battle within the context of our conventional healthcare system while illuminating the path she traveled to self-advocate, evolve her thinking and transform her life from merely surviving to thriving. It's a must read for anyone suffering from chronic disease, treating patients or simply looking for a more proactive approach to wellness.
David Rakel, MD, Professor and Chair, UNM School of Medicine Family& Community M

Kathy's story is unbelievable in light of the severity of her cancers and how she has maintained her health and resiliency despite them. As one of her physicians, I have insight into her amazing story. Lucky for others, she has shared her lessons in this comprehensive and engaging book. It is a must read for anyone facing the challenges of cancer or any health challenge.

Glenn Sabin

EAT captures Kathy Bero’s remarkable story with depth, authenticity and grace.

What a gift for readers that she took copious notes journaling her activities, thoughts, challenges, and wins, along her path to reclaiming health.
It’s all there: The never-ending medical setbacks and emotional roller-coasters; keeping the family centered; the beauty of the author’s environs: nature, animals … living off the land; dealing with well-wishers and those that didn’t ‘get it’; firing physicians. And eventually, Kathy’s path to discovering how lifestyle, especially nutrition, can help prevent cancer, support cancer treatment, and reduce risk of recurrence.

Sadly, I am aware of many experiences where an individual has undergone massive amounts of therapy over a long stretch of time—the plethora of anticancer drugs, drugs addressing side effects, multiple surgeries and radiation … but never have I read an account like Kathy Bero’s, where every bend was met with another significant complication and hurdle to overcome.

Though at times a challenging story for the reader to endure, it is also every bit a beautiful, poignant story to behold.
True grit, tenacity, resiliency, and an incredible will to live—all in service to achieving an exceptional response. Kathy absolutely played the lead role to make this happen.

Kathy is an exceptional responder of the highest magnitude—a true outlier, a radical remission. I know the author, and recommended that she participate in Harvard’s NEER project. NEER will do a deep dive into Kathy’s case to try to ascertain why she had such a remarkable outcome given the tall odds for surviving inflammatory breast cancer. I am also part of this study. We hope the study results ultimately help produce many more exceptional responders to add to the thousands of cancer outliers around the world.

Glenn Sabin, author of n of 1: One Man’s Harvard-Documented Remission of Incurable Cancer Using Only Natural Methods.

Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D. author of Radical Remission New York Times Best Seller

Her book is inspiring, informative and highly recommended!