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Elijah Owens
E.T. The Sky is NOT the Limit VOL I
Elijah Owens, author
Have you ever conjectured upon the metaphysical truths that lie beyond the physical realm? Have you ever felt like your entire life is a lie, an optical illusion, or a computer simulation? Have you ever possessed dreams that even the sky cannot limit? Have you ever gawked at the stars above and not only felt at home within yourself but also like you're everything and nothing all at once? Well, what if I were to tell you that you only perceive four percent of your reality and there is much more substance, let alone potential, than what meets the filter of the naked eye? Time and space are an illusion, ahem, a construct in which we create to justify the means of our 3D reality. We are all dreamers in the pod. There is one thing I know for sure in this relative, ambiguous world: the sky is NOT the limit. The only person or thing in your way is you; you are the answer. Curious to learn more? Higher than sky-high? Everything is possible!!!