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Tammy Andresen
Earl of Spades
She’s a beauty beyond compare… Ash can’t deny that her fragile beauty holds him captive. And then there’s the fact that he stands between her and the danger circling ever closer. What man doesn’t wish to save a woman like Lily? He’d protect her with his last breath even he can’t give her a future. They are worlds apart and deep down he knows that love isn’t for a man like him. Not even with a woman as perfect as Lily. But when fate and chance conspire, can this earl learn to share his heart with the one woman who’s ever tempted him? He’s a larger-than-life hero… Lily knows an earl would never marry her, but as he protects her time again, a woman has to ask herself. How could she not fall in love with him? And when he inevitably leaves her life, how will she put the pieces of her heart back together?