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Eastern Star Rising
Lucia Belia, author
Eastern Star Rising details author LuciaBelia’s journey of healing from past trauma and mastering the Left-Hand Path. She accomplished this feat through hard work and 18 hour days of focus, determination and working with Magick as an extension of herself relentlessly using her 30 years of experience with Right Hand Path and energy healing. The path to ascension includes self-initiation, self-deification, and shadow work. It is a long, arduous journey. Eastern Star Rising shares LuciaBelia’s experience with the Demonic Gatekeepers, Satan, and those in her life who provided support as she became a fully empathetic and balanced person. Everyone knows the phrase, “You must help yourself before you help others,” but it is rarely put into practice. We live in a chaotic world; we forget to give ourselves self-love and self-care that we deserve. LuciaBelia’s journey was amazingly empowering. It taught her an entire system of healing that she incorporated into life coaching clients, where she has seen amazing results. Eastern Star Rising gives readers the tools to look deep within, do the work, and come out the other side, whole.