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Eccentricity: Society's Secret Sauce: The Value of Being Eccentric

Adult; Other Nonfiction; (Market)

Where would the world be in the 21st century without eccentrics, people filled with a nonconformist idealism who changed the world? The author takes us beyond the realm of psychological theory into the historical and present day reality of the value of being eccentric.
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This is the first book dealing with the subject of eccentricity that recognizes that the numerous attributes postulated for the existence of eccentricity are not solely within the purview of psychological theories but must be connected to verifiable, historical facts of the lives of eccentric people. I learned much about the value of eccentric people in forging advancements in society and culture that would have been impossible absent the seven attributes of eccentricity that all genuine eccentrics share in common. Additionally, the emphasis placed on the positive impact that eccentric people who are not famous can have upon their family and friends if they are not rejected solely because of their eccentricity was a perceptive insight I was not expecting based upon the cover photos. - Clint