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GG Collins
Editor Kill Fee
GG Collins, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller

Mystery editor Taylor Browning is back with her cats and this time the “cantankerous cat” Oscar and new brother Cheddar get in on the action. The president of the Santa Fe Wine and Crime book club takes a wrong turn. To her horror she finds herself on one of the most deadly roads in the area. She doesn’t make her meeting and no one knows what has happened to her. Taylor, an honorary member of the book club, becomes involved with the search for the club president. What she doesn’t expect is going undercover as a delivery driver involved in chile trafficking. This is complicated by the disappearance of the restaurateur who uses the Mayan Death Pepper in his dishes. Meanwhile back at the book publishing office, it’s one crisis after another. One employee is fired by the highly flammable CEO Jessica Endicott. Her departure leaves the publisher in financial trouble threatening its very existence. \t When Taylor and friend Jim Wells find themselves in jeopardy in the Pecos Wilderness, it’s difficult to know who to trust. Det. Victor Sanchez races against time to rescue the two but there are jurisdiction issues. Can he uncover the mastermind before Taylor and Jim pay the price for their interference or will other forces step in? Regardless, this is a fun romp through New Mexico, its chile culture and the world of book publishing. \t

This was my first Taylor Browning story and while the book alluded to the other two stories, it definitely made me want to check them out further! I loved how well written the characters were and how we got to see the back story on so many characters. It definitely made the story more enjoyable. I loved getting to meet Oscar and his new brother Cheddar. They definitely made the story so much more fun! I was absolutely impressed at how many different storylines were happening, but they were all important to the storyline. I love that Taylor just can’t help but get involved in a mystery while also trying to balance her professional and personal life. The author did an amazing job of weaving a story that felt mystical and realistic as well. It was a vivid cozy mystery full of amazing characters and the gorgeous background of New Mexico.


Feline-Fascinated Book Takes Cat Lovers on a Whisker-Perfect Literary Adventure!

As a devoted cat lover, I couldn't resist being captivated by the utterly adorable cover of the book, Editor Kill Fee by GG Collins. While I typically don't judge a book by its cover, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the story itself was equally delightful. Choosing books solely based on their covers isn't my usual approach, but this time it truly paid off.

What truly whiskered its way into my heart was the Santa Fe/New Mexico ambience infused throughout the pages. As someone who often embarks on literary adventures to compensate for the inability to afford actual travel, I was absolutely thrilled by GG Collins' purrfectly vivid portrayal of the buildings, food, and overall culture of the Southwest. Every turn of the page transported me to a feline-fascinating world.

Now, I must admit that the plot meandered down a somewhat predictable path. However, given the cozy mystery genre, a touch of predictability is often expected. Fortunately, the dialogues and characters more than made up for any lack of surprise. They truly brought the story to life, whiskers and all. I found myself utterly engrossed in their interactions, purrfectly poised on the edge of my seat, eagerly lapping up each and every word.

While this book stands beautifully on its own, I'm positively purring with anticipation at the thought of sinking my claws into the first two books of the series. I have no doubt that they will provide even more delightful adventures for me to embark upon with these captivating characters.


"My favorite character, hands down, has to be the cantankerous cat, Oscar."

Plot: A hated boss somehow manages to turn up dead. All evidence points to foul play, yet how could that be possible since he was found inside his locked office? In a twist of events, his death just so happens to mimic a book one of their authors submitted for publication.

Thoughts: Going into this book, I wasn’t sure if it would hold much interest for me; this couldn’t have been further from the truth. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the book, but I also couldn’t put it down. As a writer, I loved the publishing house aspect as the setting for the book

           Praise: Interesting characters from the boss who everyone loves to hate, to the bitter ex-wife, to the newby editor who also functions as our protagonist. They all flow together to create an interesting little world. But my favorite character, hands down, has to be the cantankerous cat, Oscar. 

           Cons: None that stuck out.

Recommend: This quirky little whodunit with some thrills sprinkled throughout would interest any mystery fan. In my opinion, there is no spice or any triggers the reader would need to be aware of. I recommend this book and plan to continue with the next book soon.