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Effective Prayers: Prayers That Move God's Heart
Godwin Arisa, author
Supported by Scripture and the experiences of believers, Effective Prayers, Prayers that move God’s heart introduces us to the kind of prayers that bring the truths of God – his absolute authority and powers to deal with oppressive earthly realities in the lives of those who believe. Inspiring confidence in prayer conversation as a key part of the relationship with a loving father, this book also exposes potential pitfalls in this relationship that tend to become obstacles to answered prayers. It approaches prayer to God from both a common sense perspective that is not common, and one that is as uniquely insightful both in relation to God and the life of those who would get his attention in prayer. The book posits and calls believers to attention to its powerful “Foundations of Prayers that move God’s heart”, and a state of preparation for a Holy Spirit guidance on “Contents of Prayers that move God’s heart as elements that enhance the certainty of getting God’s attention in prayer. The book’s teachings in these areas are captivating and liberating. This book is an everyday manual on prayer for new believers and seasoned followers of God Almighty alike.