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Eleanor's Wars
Ames Sheldon, author
It's 1942 and the globe is aflame. Eleanor Sutton, matriarch of a prosperous New Jersey family, struggles to fight the war on the home front. But then long-buried memories rooted in Eleanor's service in the Great War come to light. These decades-old secrets threaten her marriage to George--and bring his own carefully guarded secrets to the surface. As the relative peace of the Sutton household is upended, son Edward leaves for the front lines. Younger brother Nat wrestles with shocking revelations while trying to find his way at boarding school at Phillips Academy Andover. Putting her own future aside to oversee the family Victory farm, daughter Harriet faces the secrets that challenge all her assumptions about family and love.
Cynthia Kraack, "The High Cost of Flowers"

"Eleanor's Wars is rich with the feel of America during WWII and the impact of PTSD on a generation that buried its trauma."

Faith Sullivan , "The Cape Ann" and "Good Night Mr. Wodehouse"

"Ames Sheldon has written a novel about family and war and lies and forgiveness. In other words, she hits all the bases in reaching home -- the place where you live."

Mary Logue, "Lake of Tears"

"A warm and intimate portrait of an American family twisted and shaped by two world wars. Highly recommended, a pleasure to read."

Ruth Quattlebaum, archivist emerita Phillips Academy Andover

"Sheldon gets it right. Based on extensive research, war times in twentieth century America come iunto focus... She reminds us that yesterday's fears live only slightly mitigated today -- the plight of refugees, bullying, homophobia, and feminist concerns."

Sara M. Evans, Born for Liberty: A History of Women in America

"Few people know that women served as ambulance drivers on the incredibly bloody battlefields of World War I. With Eleanor we glimpse the searing impact of that experience as she lives through World War II with her distant hiusband and three children. The stresses of life on the home front gradually reveal a series of family secrets, taking readers from farm and household to Phillips Academy Andover, where youngest son Nat is sent very much against his will, to the wards of a Red Cross hospital...a gripping read based on careful research. Through the eyes of a woman and an adolescent boy, in a time and place now fading from living memory, readers experience the realities of war, both battlefield and home front, from a fresh angle."