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Jagannath Ghole

My objective in writing this book is to de-mystify personal health and to make people aware that good health is within  reach of most of the humanity, like air and water. I feel that I have some significant ideas to share, pertaining to personal health, which ideas I wish to pass on to you, readers, in this book.

Most of us are unaware of what good health is until we lose it. This book describes good health, fundamentally, so that we may preserve it, naturally. In this book, I  blend the current scientific knowledge and the metaphysics in a practical amalgam, that shows how to stay healthy. I have tried to coherently describe the disparate facts of human biology by correlating them; in the process the book heightens and highlights the mysteries of the “X-factor”, bio-intelligence. It includes exercises to retain or re-gain good health in all the major systems of a living human body.

Biophysics and biochemistry have contributed immensely to our understanding of good health. This book adds bio-metaphysics as a third body of knowledge that can help us maintain good health, naturally. It, the book, extends human health beyond where the science can go, but is not a replacement for the proven science. To maintain good health, this book goes beyond the search for the elusive chemical “silver bullet”. Rather, it follows the path that Nature took to create and sustain living organisms on our earth. In the context of the “state of the art” healthcare industry, this book may represent a paradigm shift in personal healthcare.

This book combines the scientific facts, which are easily accessible in the public domain, the metaphysical concepts, which explain the fundamental nature of the universe and how the living organisms, including humans, fit in it, and the spiritual processes, which involve experiential self-discovery and development of each of us. The goal in this book is to enable each of us to enjoy natural good health as long as Nature will allow. The surprising revelation in the course of this book is that Nature is not as restrictive as what we assume to be our limits in staying healthy.

The value of this book flows from the global relevance of its subject matter. Good personal health is of interest to all normal persons. It transcends geographic, linguistic, cultural and religious barriers. Join the movement.