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PD Quaver
Elly Robin and the Colorado Gold Camp (Ordeals of Elly Robin, volume 2)
PD Quaver, author
In the summer of 1911, twelve year old piano prodigy Elly Robin and her pal Jimmy McGann arrive in the Colorado gold mining town of Cripple Creek in search of Jimmy's sister, Liddie. While they look for clues to Liddie's tragic disappearance, Elly lands a job playing at Crapper Jack's Saloon and Dance Hall....Volume Two of P.D. Quaver's extraordinary multi-volume saga, THE ORDEALS OF ELLY ROBIN
Quaver’s second volume in the Ordeals of Elly Robin series (after Elly Robin, Wonderchild) captures the mysteries of the early 20th century mining town, Cripple Creek, Colorado, through the eyes of Elly Robin—a 12-year-old piano prodigy who is on the run after her parents’ deaths—and her older friend, Jimmy McGann, who’s vowed to protect her as they try to earn money playing in rough saloons across the South. After gaining considerable acclaim, the two embark on a journey to Cripple Creek, in hopes of tracking down Jimmy’s long-lost sister Liddie, who disappeared in the mining town two years earlier. Once there, they face thrilling mystery and colorful characters who change their lives forever.

It's clear that Quaver’s a pro at spinning elaborate stories with vibrant characters. As Elly and Jimmy settle into Cripple Creek, they move in with a family that has connections to Liddie—and shocking news for Jimmy about his sister’s disappearance. Elly quickly gets a job playing piano at a dance hall, while Jimmy falls for Sara, a local girl forced into prostitution to make ends meet. When Elly meets Lucas, a quiet but talented hand at the town’s machine shop, the two build a connection that opens up new experiences for her. But when Elly and Jimmy find themselves embroiled in the aftermath of a tragedy committed by a mysterious coal miner years earlier, Elly suspects the mystery is more complicated than she originally anticipated—and when their newfound friends seem to be involved, she’s more determined than ever to solve it.

Though this is the second installment, readers new to the series will easily be drawn into the story and feel an immediate connection to Quaver’s characters. The narrative teems with mystery, action, and romance, and the ending leaves space for future exploits with Elly and Jimmy. Readers with a hankering for spirited adventure will be pleased.

Takeaway: Rousing historical fiction featuring mystery, romance, and thrilling adventures.

Comparable Titles: Kathleen Karr’s The Great Turkey Walk, Vera Cleaver and Bill Cleaver’s Where the Lilies Bloom.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: B
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A